zoological oddities

belled buzzards: domesticated vultures?

big bugs: great article about prehistoric and modern invertebrates

big snakes: how big can they really be

blobs: it exists! not the fishes!

caecilian: worm-snake amphibian

cane toad: trippy toad

coelacanths: a prehistoric fish thought to be extinct

entombed animals: strange phenomena where animals are locked up alive for centuries in stone

explorable fish group intelligence: explore how fishes communicate!

flying snakes: a nightmare, but they exist!

giant lizards: kodomo dragons and their link to dinosaurs

honeypot ant: curious ant species that uses their workers as storage, literaly

lambton worm: the legend of the giant worm.. could it be real?

myobatrachus: this cute thing is a mix between a turtle and a frog! so weird but cute!

nazi talking dogs: are talking dogs a possibility?

oil pit squids: real squids that were found in an oil pit, but we never found others.

pink fairy armadillo: the cutest armadillo you will ever see

red triangle slug: breathing slugs

rotifer: a wheel micro-organism

tardigrades: we hearing alot about them recently, but they are truly pioneers of everything

tentacled snake: cutie snake with little tentacles on their noses

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