paleo oddities

aquatic ape hypothesis: a theory that could explain the missing link

the cat gap: odd period of millions years where there was no fossils recorded of cats

chudinov organisms: ressurection of prehistoric worms and algae

dinosaurs depictions in victorian era: i personally love them even if they are often inaccurate..

dragons: where does the og dragon came from?

ennedi tiger: a possible sabertooth species still alive in africa.

giant sloths: it's weird to imagine those things dominating the world

gigantopithecus: the true ancestor of what we think are the yeti/sasquatch/bigfoot

mok'ele-mbembe: saurian cryptids in congo!

mountain boomers or river lizards: dinosaurs, hoax or the underground reptile trade mutation?

pennine pterodactyl: pterodactyl sightings in west yorkshire

pterosaurs sightings in texas: another weird sightings concerning flying dinosaurs

queensland tiger: possible descendant of the thylacoleo

sea monsters

titanoptera: an extinct species of giant paleo-insects!

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