Many people think that to save the world, we have to be part of an organization and focus on the main issue: climate change. But, truth is, climate change and humans do much more to the near-biodiversity of your country. Here’s a bunch of rabbit trails to get you started...

Sign the Pollinator Protection Pledge if you live in North America


Even though they might seem ugly and not very important, those little wilderness zones are crucial to the local biodiversity. Try to ensure that if people removes them, to try to plant another zone nearby.


Always purchase native plants for your garden, so it can improve the local wildlife, not introduce invasive species. Never buy seeds overseas.


If you have a lot of trees on your property, you can make a brush pile with large sticks to attract wildlife and also protect them from various threats. Old boards and wooden logs also can do the trick; just stack them together and let it rot!

You can always put out different bird feeders to attract plenty of bird species. If you want to attract hummingbird, never put food dye, maple syrup or corn syrup in the mix. You will want to mix 2 parts hot water, 1 part sugar .

Provide clean water to wildlife by installing a birdbath, a puddling dish or a porch pond.

You can make a toad shelter by recycling old terracotta pots, or build a bat house.


You can compost for your own garden, to help your city or to improve biodiversity. I’ll focus on the latter here. You can usually start your compost with a bunch of dead leaves, then just raking the compost over it outside.

You can put old fruits and vegetables, grass clipping, weeds and cardboard.

NEVER put feces, meat or processed food.


We don’t talk about it often enough, but our reptiles and amphibians are dying in North American. To help, we can do many things such as collecting garbage from wetlands, which contaminates way more than just the soil.

Reduce your water use! Let the frogs enjoy their water and turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, for example, or using rain water for the garden.


Canada’s bird population is in decline, and so, while putting a bird feeder and a birdbath can help, there is other things that we can do.

Keeping your cats indoors is a must. Cats have evolved to be indoors and are way more safer being with their loving family rather than exploring the wilderness. I am not talking about the strays and sterilization, which is a big problem too, but also, cats can contract a bunch of feline disease outside, and so it ain’t worth it to let your furry friend wander outside.

Also, planting native all-year ‘round provides birds with seeds and food for the winter. Never, ever, disturb a nest or a young bird alone.

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