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Great Organizations

Save the Sharks Shark preservation and education; stop the genocide!

Xerces Society Trying to preserve our invertebrates and pollinators

Great People

Charles Fort An important anomalistic researcher that inspired the infamous word 'Fortean'

Ivan Illich A philosopher and priest that proned the deschoolisation of society in the 70s

Frida Kahlo I think everyone knows her name, but not many knows how much pain she endured in her life, and how much of a strong model she was

Ted Kaczinski Known as the Unabomber, he wrote very interesting manifestos about the negative effects of industrialisation in our society. I don't condone what he did, but I can understand the reasonment behind it. He was truly a genius, but unfortunately mental issues got the best of him.

Timothy Leary The most dangerous man in America, according to Nixon, because of his psychedelic's advocacy. He was a psychologist that saw a lot of potential in drugs to help patients, particularly magic mushrooms and LSD. He wrote a bunch of great stuff, very interesting psychonautic stuff.

Charlotte Mason British educator that outlined a method of education opening the world to children through mainly literature and liberal arts. A lot of my own methods are derived from her works, and she had very wise insights about being a caregiver.

Terrence McKenna Ethnobotanist and mystic, surnommed the 'Timothy Leary of the 90s' because he continued Leary's legacy to advocate psychedelics, particularly the natural ones. He wrote a lot of crazy stuff but also alot of smart stuff that is worth reading. See his mushroom rant (at the end of the page) for example.

Maria Montessori Widely known italian educator that outlined a method of education centered on the child's autonomy and his five senses. This philosophy gained a lot of traction in the last few years, but it's important to not only follow blindlessly her instructions, but to read what she has to say about it. Very smart stuff.

Louis Wain Incredibly talented artist of the 20th century, who loved cats deeply. Unfortunately, he was also mentally unstable and diagnosed with schizophrenia; it didn't stop him from painting, even if his work became more and more unconventionnal and psychedelic. I personally didn't like how Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed him (on screen he was acted out as nervous and even hinted as being a bit autistic, when in fact he was foremost an eccentric, and that's how he developped his particular method of drawing), but the movie is apparently very good.


Affirmations A personal reminder of all the good things people have said about/to you


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