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hi! my name is lola and i am 27 years old! feel free to explore the many links i'm putting out there, but i'm mainly using this site as an archive for all the things I found and like. for example, if you are looking for a chatbox, you might find one under the section 'the computer' .. it's an ode to the old websites I used to surf on in the 2000s. I used to love internet culture but as the years passed, i saw many things change for a more profitable option, and -- the rise of social networking. i hate it. i only have facebook and let me tell you, it's pathetic. i don't use instagram, or twitter. i thought it became boring to surf the net.

anyhoo, maybe it's because i'm a nostalgic, but when I heard that there was an actual community who was still online and looking to bring back the old web, I felt my heart flutter for the first time in years when I clicked on the many links it brought me to.

so, enjoy the ride and be aware of the 'secret' clickable stamps!

here i'll put my code so we can link each other; also, i'll set my RSS feed here.

if you are here, it means we became mutuals; there is no pressure, i don't really like the 'follow for follow' trend. if you follow me, it means you like my vibe and vice versa! (hover for a quick description)